Moku:Go Desktop App v1.0.0 Release - Features & Improvements

Hello Moku:Go evaluators and users!

We are excited to announce the release of the Moku:Go 1.0.0 desktop app for Windows 10 and macOS Catalina. This update includes many new features and improvements like the new peak detection acquisition mode in the Datalogger and the option to synchronize the vertical axis of the Oscilloscope channels! A full list of the new features can be found at the bottom of this post.

You can download the desktop app from our website here, or directly from the app by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner and following the download prompts. Be sure to uninstall the previous version of the Moku:Go app.

This update also comes with a firmware update (548) to your Moku:Go. Follow the on-screen prompts to ensure a clean update.

Finally, for our MATLAB and Python API users, you will also have to update the associated libraries to v1.3.0. More details about the API updates can be found here.

As the Fall semester draws near and the sample program comes to a close, we want to give a huge thank you to all the Moku:Go evaluators. You played a big part in helping us improve and find ways to make Moku:Go work best for your classroom or application. We look forward to supporting you further here on the forum, thank you!!


  • New localizations (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German)
  • High-resolution data can now be saved in Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer
  • Multiple data types can be exported at the same time
  • New option to sort channels in Logic Analyzer
  • New peak detect acquisition mode in Data Logger
  • Custom patterns can now be imported and exported in Logic Analyzer / Pattern Generator
  • New option to copy patterns between pins in Logic Analyzer / Pattern Generator
  • Increased maximum pattern length from 1,024 to 32,768 in Logic Analyzer / Pattern Generator
  • New option to optimize settings for DC measurement in Voltmeter
  • Voltmeter now displays input range
  • New option to synchronize vertical axes in Oscilloscope


  • USB discovery now works mDNS is not available
  • Improved digit adjustment with arrow keys and scroll wheel in numerical input fields
  • Numerical input fields now allow typing the first letter to select a unit, and Shift-Tab to go back from unit list to value
  • The preferred graph zoom direction is now saved
  • The zero level is automatically Included when autoscaling
  • Improved performance of Pattern Generator editor for long patterns
  • Measurements are now reset when resetting instrument
  • Increased precision in Spectrum Analyzer tracking cursors
  • New-look message boxes and modal dialogs
  • File manager now indicates which file is currently being logged to, and won’t allow deleting it
  • Tracking cursors are created by default when dragging from cursors button
  • Trigger chevron can be dragged between pins in Logic Analyzer
  • Arrow keys can scroll Logic Analyzer graph
  • Ask for confirmation before saving/loading instrument state
  • macOS disk image includes link to Applications folder for easy installation

Bug fixes

  • Fixed single-sweep mode in Frequency Response Analyzer
  • Fixed gaps in Data Logger preview graph on macOS
  • Fixed a bug in PID Controller offset scaling
  • Fixed averaging in Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer
  • Fixed save data failure when file paths contain multi-byte characters
  • Fixed Spectrum Analyzer output signals a factor of 2 larger than expected
  • Fixed an issue where changing Waveform Generator modulation source would not take effect immediately Minor bug fixes, performance enhancements and user interface improvements.
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