MATLAB/Python v1.3.0 update available

Hi All,

Alongside the v1.0.0 app release, we’ve just pushed updates to our MATLAB and Python libraries for Moku:Go. They bring heaps of new instrument control features and bug fixes (several of which have been driven by our users here on the forum, thanks!).

These new libraries are required with the new app, and vice-versa: If you have the v1.0.0 app then you need to update your libraries; if you want the new libraries then you’ll need the v1.0.0 app. If you use the new app and do not update your library, you’ll start to get “404” errors from the underlying REST client.

You can find the documentation for the APIs, including upgrade instructions, on our API Page. If you have any issues with these libraries, please reach out here or through the normal channels, we look forward to hearing what you’re doing with them!