"Unknown exception. Status code:404" - Python/MATLAB API version issue

On Monday, Feb 8 we updated the Python and MATLAB API packages for the Moku:Go and Moku:Pro to v2.2 for each. For help on how to download and install these packages for the first time, please follow the appropriate instructions here.

Moku:Go Users - There is a mismatch between the firmware and API package that is causing various bugs and issues when using Python or MATLAB with Moku:Go. Please use v2.1 of the Python and MATLAB packages to fix these issues. To downgrade the MATLAB toolbox, go to the Add-on Manager page for the moku-MATLAB toolbox and in the top right corner of the page click “View Version History”. This will give you the option to downgrade to v2.1 of the toolbox.

To downgrade the moku-Python package, open a command terminal and enter the command

pip install moku==2.1

Moku:Pro Users - Continue using v2.2 for Python and MATLAB packages.