Moku:Go MATLAB Toolbox Now Available + Example Scripts

Hey there Moku:Go evaluators! We have just recently released a beta version of the Moku:Go MATLAB toolbox that you can download through the Add-On Manager. This API is still being developed so any issues you encounter please send them to

The Moku:Go toolbox is different from the Moku:Lab toolbox and they are downloaded from different places. The Moku:Go toolbox is downloaded from the Add-On Manager and is version 1.1.0, while the Moku:Lab toolbox is downloaded from our website and is version 2.8.1. These toolboxes are not currently compatible with each other so if you have been using the Moku:Lab toolbox previously, please uninstall it before downloading the Moku:Go toolbox from the Add-On Manager.

Similarly, many of the function calls are slightly different in the Moku:Go toolbox due to the difference in features between the two, so below are some example scripts to help you get started. For more documentation, type help moku into the MATLAB command line.

arbitrary_waveform_generator_basic.m (1.4 KB)
frequency_response_analyzer_basic.m (1.2 KB)
frequency_response_analyzer_plotting.m (2.2 KB)
logic_analyzer_basic.m (1.0 KB)
oscilloscope_basic.m (1.3 KB)
oscilloscope_plotting.m (1.6 KB)
spectrum_analyzer_basic.m (891 Bytes)
spectrum_analyzer_plotting.m (1.2 KB)

Hello Sam,

I would like to know if there are MATLAB Examples for accessing Data Logger, PID Controller and Power Supply.

The examples at GitHub Page dont seem to work (I am assuming they are for Moku:lab?).

Although there is a help moku to get started, it would be helpful to have a working example with a sequence in it to get started. Would love to know if there is one.

Rajkumar R

Hi Rajkumar,

we have expanded our example MATLAB scripts - I attach examples for the Datalogger, PID controller and Programmable Power Supplies.


datalogger_basic.m (1.6 KB)
pid_controller_basic.m (1.1 KB)
pid_controller_plotting.m (2.0 KB)
ppsu_basic.m (852 Bytes)

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We have published updated MATLAB examples at

MATLAB scripts

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