Moku:Go software update 2 June 2021; version 0.9.4

The newest version of the Moku:Go software can be found in this post, or on our website here.

We have updated the software to version 0.9.4; this release includes both app improvements and new firmware (v543) for the Moku:Go. This update address stability fixes and performance improvements as well as the occasional network disconnect issue.

You are encouraged to download the new software. To do so, simply run the your existing Moku app. Look in the top right of the ‘select your device’ window for a red flag next to the bell icon. Click on the bell and follow the prompt to download and run the new installer.

When you next connect to your Moku:Go; you will be prompted to update the firmware. You will be guided through this process; it can take up to 10 MINUTES. Please leave the Moku:Go connected to both the power supply and the network during the update. Once the LED turns to steady ORANGE, you can restart the Moku:Go by briefly removing then reconnecting the power.

Once installed, we recommend removing the previous 0.9.3 (or older) versions.
The current version is shown in the bottom right of the ‘select your device’ screen.


Thanks @PaulC! Remember, if you’re a Python user then you’ll need to update your moku library after installing this firmware update. See this post for details.