Factory Reset Unsuccessful


A few weeks ago the Moku:Go started having issues booting. When I turned the Moku on, the status LED would stay orange and not turn green, even after I waited for up to 10 minutes.

I tried the Factory Reset, but it only works half of the time. Sometimes, even after pressing the Factory Reset button at the bottom of the device, the status LED stays orange and does not turn off.

The same Moku has been used by other people at my lab in the past, and they did not have any similar issues.

Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks.

Hi @jsh,

I’m sorry that you’re having this problem, to fix this I would suggest you try a “hard” factory reset: hold down the factory reset button as you turn the unit on (and keep holding it in for a few seconds after you turn it on). This is a “harder” reset than what you’ve been trying. This should then put your device in to recovery mode properly (you should see the Moku’s light flashing orange, not solid). And from here you can do a firmware update in the app, which should boot your Go normally after the update.

Let me know how this goes