mokuLab recovery mode

Hi, My mokuLab went into the recovery mode with flashing blue and orange light. The wifi is showing as Moku-Recovery, and I cannot connect to the mokuLab even when I connect to the Moku-Recovery wifi. I tried both soft reset and hard reset, and it always ends up with flashing blue/orange light. Could you please let me know how I can connect to it again? Thanks in advance.

Hi Sundae,

thanks for your posting on the forum and sorry to hear that your Moku:Lab has entered recovery mode. Please perform a factory reset, as outlined in this KnowLedge Base article.

If this is not successful, please contact us for personal assistance at



All -

Sundae was able to update his Moku:Lab via a USB cable connection and firmware update. We have details on the USB → Moku:Lab USB connection on this knowledge base article

Thanks for the update Sundae !