Is there a bug with Moku:Lab Windows Version

i just download the windows version for Moku:Lab - 0.5.1 beta build 2056

after installing and connection. i can see that PhaseMeter/Digital Filter Box/Laser Light Box
is grey out (with label - coming features).

But when I click on the Spectrum Analyzer app, I saw a dark screen that follows and then lost network connection.

Before installing the new version, i had uninstall the previous version.

What can be wrong here?

Hey David,

The Phase Meter, DFB, and Laser Lock Box are still being developed for the Moku:Lab Desktop app. However, they are available on the iPad app!

I am not aware of any issues regarding a lost network connection when running the Spectrum Analyzer. Could you tell me a bit more about your setup?

  • Are you using Mac or Windows?
  • Are you connected to the Moku:Lab through USB, WiFi hotspot, or Ethernet?
  • Can you provide a video of the app crashing?

Any extra information is appreciated on this and I hope to have this issue fixed for you soon!

Hi Sam,

I am using windows and connect via Wifi. I will replicate it again when I set it up again.

FYI, I go no problem operating the same Moku:Lab using iPad during my demo today.

So leads me to think that there is a problem with the Windows app I downloaded yesterday.