Moku Pro Multi-Instrument

Hi I’m using the Moku Pro in Multimode, running two laserlockboxes on channel one ant two and a sprectrumanalyzer on channel 3. I have the following issue:
I lock laser one and configure it using the probes.
The problem is now that using the laserlockbox to lock the laser I want to use the probes looking at the different channels. But after some switching of the probes the probe “freezes” schowing no signal only waiting for data. I can’t unfreeze it.
I’m using the latest version. It happens after I incresed the time window to roll, an then decrease the time window again. Happens on both laserboxes

Leo, if you could possibly send a screen video of this happening or show the steps you take to reproduce this bug that would be extremely helpful.

I have tried to recreate this given your explanation but I am not able to (likely because I do not have a laser to lock for a true recreation).

I so I get the problem repeatedkly after locking the lasers, unlocking and then with the relock the saturation comes