Is there a way to lock firmware version on Moku Go?

We have a large number of Moku Go devices installed within a teaching lab. These are usually connected to desktop PCs, which are locked down securely, and the software on them is only updated at certain times of the year, outside of teaching.

We have an issue where students will connect to the Moku Gos using their own laptops. Often they will connect with a more recent version of the Moku software than what is installed on the desktop devices. As a result, the firmware on the Moku Gos gets updated, and the device will no longer work with the desktop machines.

This creates a significant IT/lab equipment management nightmare. Is there any way to lock the Moku Gos from having their firmware updated, while still allowing them to be used with a laptop (presumably by requiring students to download the appropriate older version of the Moku software)?

Hi David,

Thank you for your post! I understand for teaching labs this can become a challenge.

Moku’s firmware is linked to the Desktop App. Each software version has a matching firmware version, and therefore if you have students running a newer version of the software, it would push a new firmware to the Moku.

The best way to prevent a firmware update is to only use one version of the software. I would recommend providing the students with an installer, instead of asking them to download the installer from our website. At the moment, we do not have older versions of the software on our website to prevent confusion.

If you would like to get the installer for an older version of the app, please contact us at and we can supply you with an installer.

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Thanks for your response Nandi.

Given that our students have out of hours access to our labs, it’s not possible to for us to constantly monitor what version of the Moku software they are running and upgrading firmware on. It would be much better if the devices could prevent unauthorized firmware updates - or have better interoperability between different software/firmware versions.

Is there any way that we can manually downgrade the firmware on a device to match the version of the software we have installed?


Hi David,

Thank you for the additional information, we fully understand this can be challenge.

It is possible to downgrade Moku’s firmware, please refer to page 9 of the Migration Guide for detailed instructions on how to do this. The Migration Guide was originally created for a major update in Moku:Lab, but the same process will work for Moku:Go and Moku:Pro. For the specific firmware version that you require, please write to to request it and we will be able to send that to you.

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