Firmware Update

I notice that every time there is a firmware update available. Moku:Go must go through the firmware update process before being able to launch into the instruments panel.

This can be sometimes an inconvenience as the user are happy to use the previous firmware or when there is an IT restriction on the download (need IT admin permission).

Can you make the firmware update optional with reminder to do so at later date or on demand? I think this is very common even for Windows Updates where updates can be scheduled or on demand.


Hi David,

The firmware version is linked to the app version. Usually when there is an app update, it is also associated with a firmware update.

If you or your customers do not wish to go through a firmware update, as long as they do not update the app then it will not push any firmware updates to the device.

However, we do recommend keeping the app updated as much as possible, as we push out new features and bug fixes with the app updates.

Kind regards,