Moku:Go Logic Analyzer / Pattern Generator

Hello out there!
I wanted to give another update on our Moku:Go Logic Analzyer / Pattern Generator instrument!
Moku:Go’s Logic Analyzer / Pattern Generator is equipped with 16 bidirectional digital I/Os with sampling rates up to 125 MSa/s. It supports 3.3 V logic levels (5V tolerant) and 8M ×16 input sample depth. Extensive measurements are readily available through the interface. Data, screenshots, and logs can be readily captured to email or cloud-based services for rapid sharing and evaluation. Combined with the analog inputs and outputs, and the intuitive graphical user interface, Moku:Go is your go-to solution for undergraduate lab curriculum and senior design projects.

Feel free to leave your comments on the Logic Analyzer/ Pattern Generator, we appreciate the feedback!

hello, i was wondering if there is plans to logic interpretation. i dont see anything in the menus and it would be great to get 12c/spi and all the typicals