Moku:Go - 3 new instruments

Moku:Go users,

we have launched 3 new instruments for the Moku:Go. These are available immediately by software download.

Digital Filter Box : Create up to eighth-order lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop filters with adjustable parameters, or use your own coefficients to build a customized response

FIR Filter Builder: Create finite-impulse response (FIR) filters at up to 4 MS/s with arbitrary impulse response.

Lock-In Amplifier : Extract signals at up to 20 MHz using IQ demodulation, filter with an adjustable corner frequency and output with variable gain

How do you obtain these new instruments ?
In your Moku:Go software, there will now be a red alarm bell
Go red alarm icon
Click this and it will take you to the download link for “Moku:” version 2.3.0. The software is now named, “Moku:”, once downloaded you can remove the prior “Moku:Go” app.

The Digital Filter Box and FIR Filter Builder are free instruments for all users and bring some new exciting opportunities for teaching Signals and Systems and DSP.

The Lock-in Amplifier is a free instrument for all users who purchased Moku:Go on or before 18 March 2022. For purchases after this date, it is a $200 option.

If you received your Moku:Go as part of the sample program, please contact us directly if you are interested in obtaining the Lock-in Amplifier,

Moku app v2.3.0

If the instruments don’t show after upgrade - check out this post

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Hi Plong,

I did the way you told me, but the LIA and the two devices don’t activate. In demo mode, I can see them all, but after connecting a device, only the old devices are visible. My MokuGo’s S/N is 000035. How can I do that?

I’m just a customer mate - trying to help the community - best open a support case

Hello Woody, thanks for posting to the forum! How long ago did you upgrade your Moku:Go license? At the moment, it can take a couple of hours for the instrument upgrade to be reflected on the device. We apologize for the delays and are working to reduce the timing for this, thank you for your patience!

I did my software upgrade on my MG on Monday by downloading the new Windows version apps (2.3.0) and saw the three new instruments on my sample unit. I hope all goes well for you too @plong as it is really exciting to test out the MG LIA on the customer site yesterday. Best, David

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