Not All Tools are Available in the API?

Hi guys!

I am a graduate student researcher and recently our group purchased the Moku:Pro. To be honest, the thing is pretty awesome to run, but for reproducibility and documentation between people in my group as well as its ability to interface with some other instruments at the same time I tend to like to use the Python API as much as possible.

Trouble is, I found out upon closer inspection that the API does not yet support the use of the Lock-In Amplifier. I noticed that this capability was available with the older pymoku libraries on the Moku:Lab, but is not currently in the libraries for usage on the Moku:Pro or Moku:Go.

How much time can we expect it to take for this functionality to be added considering that it is supposedly running off of a simple REST/HTTP API? I understand that it is still in its beta stages, but the currently available tools work pretty well so it seems the foundation is pretty well off, too.

Hey there Nic, thanks for posting to the LI forum!

I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your Moku:Pro experience and are finding the Python API to be helpful in your lab. The Lock-In Amp is currently available on the Moku:Pro and does work with both Python and MATLAB API. Be sure you are running the latest version of the moku-python API by running pip install moku==2.2. You will likely be prompted to download the latest firmware as well, but just in case the next line of code you’ll need is moku download --fw_ver=555.

The Python API for the Lock-In Amp on the Moku:Go is expected to be released in late March.

Let me know if this helps and if you have any more questions!