Python API now available for Moku:Go

We have today launched the Beta of the python API for Moku:Go.

To download it : moku · PyPI

Or alternatively, from Linux or macOS : pip install moku
The package includes some BETA examples : /usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages/moku/examples

The documentation is here :

We welcome feedback, questions and comments.

Hi Paul,

Can you look at your document link and confirm it’s correct? I’m not able to access the document page.



Hi @JasonNaughton : could you please try the documentation page again, it should now be working, thanks.

All good it’s reachable now.


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Hi All,

While the Python API is in beta, we will be releasing a new package to support each new firmware version (this will stabilize once we come out of beta). If you’ve updated your Moku:Go to firmware 543 (included with Desktop App version 0.9.4) then you should update your moku package too. Simply pip install --upgrade moku.

If you skip this step, then your moku-based programs will just print an error when you try to connect to your device. The new package will be almost identical in terms of the API so all your old scripts will continue to work - in fact, they may even work a little better :slight_smile: .

If you’re having any issues with your Python installation, please reach out to us here on the forum!


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