Issue with get_stream_data()

Moku model:Moku:pro
Operating system:Windows
Software version:2.6.0

**Bug or support request description:
When trying to use the new API streaming feature by running the function get_stream_data() I get the following error:
Cannot find mokucli utility, try setting MOKU_CLI_PATH to the absolute path of mokucli or please download the latest version from here:Software - Liquid Instruments
I think I’m up to date with the latest version, any leads on what is happenning or how to solve this? **

Thank you for testing out our new features right as they are released, it is much appreciated and helpful for us to make sure new features work for everyone! Unfortunately, it does look like there has been some unexpected issues with the data streaming feature as of now and you should expect to see an update pushed by the end of next week. We will also have documentation on our APIs reference page along with some examples by then as well, thank you for your patience.

Following up on this post:

We have released an update to the moku-python package that fixes the get_stream_data() issues. You can update your moku-python package in a terminal with

moku download --fw_ver=576

which should download the Moku API client 2.6.1 and 576 instrument data.

You will also need to download the mokucli client if you would like to use any command line tools (like the one above) which can be downloaded from our website here.