Upgrading Moku:Go with new instruments

I got some exciting news in that you had release three new instruments for the Moku:Go - Locked In Amplifier, DIR Filter Builder and Filter Box but I can’t find any information about how to upgrade my existing Moku:Go to add this new functionality

Any clues - please !

Hi Peter,

We were a little ahead of ourselves with the excitement of the new Moku:Go instruments. The Digital Filter Box, FIR Filter Builder and Lock-in Amplifier will be released in the first week of April.

The two filter instruments are free upgrades; the Lock-in Amplifier is a paid ($200) upgrade that we feel is very good value for this useful and more complex instrument.

More coming very soon,



The announcement says “Current Moku:Go users will be able to access the Digital Filter Box, FIR Filter Builder, and Lock-in Amplifier by updating their Moku desktop app.” nothing about paying …

Need to sort this out …

Hi Peter,

the new Moku: software is now available and details are in this posting : Moku:Go - 3 new instruments