Windows Desktop App Tabs / Multiple connections

I have just updated to version 3.0.0 of the Windows Moku app, and one feature I am sad to see missing is the ability to connect to multiple devices simultaneous which was present in the Moku:Master app. We use about a half dozen devices at any one time, and need to be able to quickly tab between them. It’s also not possible to open a second instance of the Moku: software, requiring us to disconnect and reconnect to the instruments one-at-a-time.

Is there any chance of multiple simultaneous connections with a tabbed interface returning to 3.0?


you are correct. The Moku:Master (beta) on windows did allow multiple ‘tabs’ to review multiple Mokus.

This is no longer possible in Moku: v3.0.0. I’ll make a development request to re-introduce a feature like this; do you have specific use case highlighting the usefulness of such a feature ?



Sure! In our experiment, we use multiple Mokus, for example: two as spectrum analyzer instruments monitoring the interference beatnote frequencies of several lasers. We also use Mokus as lock boxes for phase lock loops to stabilize these beatnotes. It’s convenient for us, in the previous tabbed configuration, to quickly switch between the monitoring and controlling devices. It would also be fine for us to use multiple instances of the app window, one for each moku, but it seems that’s also not possible.