Using multiple instruments on the Moku:Go

Hello Moku:Go evaluators!

Thanks again for your interest in trying out Moku:Go and I hope you have had a chance to try out a few of the various instruments currently available on our software-defined platform. Due to the emphasis on software in how Moku:Go operates, I have a few questions related to using multiple instruments simultaneously:

  1. Which combination of instruments would you use the most? (Ex. SpecAn + AWG)
  2. How would you implement this multi-instrument feature in your classroom?

We do currently have a few instruments that can be used together, like our Oscilloscope and WaveGen, as well as the PID and Oscilloscope. I personally would enjoy using the Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer together to look at analog and digital signals together for quick debugging! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

It seems that all products in this category deliberately avoid the concept of an ammeter. Oscilloscopes have current probes, so I know it can be done. Why not be the first to do so?

As far as what combinations of instruments I would like to be able to use simultaneously, I really can’t answer that question because I can’t foretell the future. I’d like to be able to decide at the last minute as I embark on a new project. Not much help am I?

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It’s advantageous to have access to the other interfaces just as an overall lab kit environment would be. You allow accessing the power supplies in the spectrum analyzer why? Well that’s because the MokuGO would be powering the breadboard that the student would be testing their possible Sallen and key filter. Yes in this case the sweep frequency works. Yet let’s say you want to power a bread board, Stimulate the circuit with a square wave signal from your signal generator and then look at the spectrum at the output of your circuit? Well right now you can’t.

+1 for the Logic Analyzer / Oscope combination.

Wave gen, Scope, and Logic Analyzer at the same time would be very useful

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