Did you know you can use the Oscilloscope & WaveGen at the same time?

Moku:Go has both an Oscilloscope and a Waveform Generator as stand-alone instruments, but did you know that you can use both of these instruments simultaneously? By opening the Oscilloscope instrument, you can access the integrated Waveform Generator by clicking the sine wave button in the bottom right. From here, you can change the waveform type, frequency, amplitude, and offset of the waveform!

  • I do not recall seeing modulation capability on the generator that is inside the scope. Is it possible to emit modulated signals too?
  • Can the waveform generator and spectrum analyzer be used similarly?
  • In general I would like to multiple instruments at once. This would include the logic analyzer. I understand with limited ports it does not make sense to run say an network sweep when sending a pile train signal through a device under test and measuring the power spectrum estimate and seeing the time domain response on the scope all at once.
  • Modulation capability is not available in the integrated WG, only in the dedicated WG instrument.
  • There is no integrated WG in the Spectrum Analyzer. However, there is an option to use the outputs as a swept sine wave generator which you can find in the instrument options on the far right tab (see screenshot below)
  • You make a great point about using the Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer at the same time! Using different instruments simultaneously is an important aspect we recognize, especially for education and research. Currently, there is an integrated WG in the Oscilloscope and Data Logger instruments. There is an integrated Oscilloscope in the PID Controller as well. Each integrated instrument can be accessed in the bottom right corner by clicking the associated icon.

I would love to hear more suggestions/features for using more than one instrument and encourage you to post them over in the New Features and Requests section if you’d like!

I have only spent a little time using the hardware/software, but will have more comments.

I teach communications and signal processing courses and at present am responsible for the labs in this area as well. Spectrum analysis of non-sinusoidal signals is very important to me, so I would like the capability of Wavegen running in the background while conducting both time domain (scope) and frequency domain characterizations (spectrum analyzer). My real-time DSP courses have similar needs, but since an embedded system is involved, that is where the logic analysis is needed to see through GPIO test points in the code, how much time is being spent in the “callback” that processes samples.

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