Spectrum Anaylzer And Output control? (embedded WaveGen in SA feature request)

Hi Guys,

I’ve been playing with the Moku:Go and I was wondering how one could use the, spectrum analyser and provide Output control over the function generator outputs?

The idea would allow students to use the Moku:GO like they do with the Scope to provide a output signal to their circuit. Right now it looks like your only allowing a sin-wave option. It would be nice to be able to control the parameters a bit more on the outputs while using the spectrum analyzer.

Hello Jason, thanks for posting about Moku:Go’s Spectrum Analyzer!

Currently, the Spectrum Analyzer instrument is only able to generate sine waves and does not have access to the full list of waveforms that the Waveform Generator offers. I assume you would prefer an interface similar to how the embedded WG works in the Oscilloscope instrument where you still have access to the other waveforms like ramping and square waves and can change parameters like offset and phase.

This feature is not currently available, however, it could be in the future! I agree, it would be much more useful for students learning to characterize circuits with the SA to have the full WG at their disposal. I am going to move your post to the “New Features and Requests” section as well.

I was asked a similar question the other day by a customer. It may perfect sense as the DUT needs more than a sine wave for different testing requirements. Switching to WG will render the experiment useless which requires the SA.