Controlling multiple Moku devices with the desktop app

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This help page suggests that there should be a way to control several devices from the same workstation PC. However, we don’t see the “tabs” in the latest version of the Moku app, nor can we open more than one instance of the software on the same PC, as it seems. Has this functional been removed? We would be really interested in collecting all control and acquisition screens for our experiment on one computer rather than have them scattered over multiple iPads.

For the experiment in question, we are currently using one Moku:Pro and one Moku:Lab, sometimes complementing them with another Moku:Lab and/or a Moku:Go. However, it seems that the functionality of running multiple devices is not available in the Windows app regardless of the types and amount of devices visible on the network.

Hi @admitrieff

This feature will be available in the next release March/April 2024 (within three or four weeks).

Thank you very much for your interest and patience!

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