Access to Multi-instrument Mode / running instruments from Matlab

Hi all,

I am experimenting with our new Moku:Pro including the “Multi-instrument Mode”.
It all works pretty good from the Ipad interface (however, I think a load/save feature is missing the the
“Multi-instrument Mode” interface.

However, I do not see any way to access a running “Multi-instrument Mode” configuration (or other running instrument), or alternatively setting up a new multi-instrument configuration from Matlab.

Is there any solutions for this?


Hi Bo,

Multi-instrument Mode was launch in September and as you note is functional on the iPad interface. Currently you cannot access Multi-Instrument Mode via the APIs (MATLAB, Python, LabVIEW). This feature will be coming later this year.



Hi Paul,

Does this also apply for the windows app?
We received our Moku:Pro (Full suite) yesterdays and the Ipad has not arrived yet.
So I tried with the windows app, and most of the devices are working well!
However, I am not able to access the phasemeter, digital filter box and Multi-Instrument mode in the windows app.

With kind regards,

Thanks for posting to the LI forum Ruben!

Correct, this does also apply to the Windows app. Multi-Instrument Mode, as well as a few other instruments, are not yet available on the Windows / MacOS desktop apps. We are working hard to get MIM and the remaining instruments released on the Desktop apps and will be sure to let you know as soon as they are available!

Also, thank you for purchasing a Moku:Pro and let us know if you do not receive the iPad within a few days. Thank you.

Hi Sam,

Thanks a lot for your clear answer.
I would love to hear when those features are available!

Unfortunately, the Ipad still hasn’t arrived yet today.
I have sent an email to your colleague that helped us with the ordering for this.

Have a nice day!

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Hi Sam and Paul,

Any update on when multi-instrument mode will be available for the API’s



Hello Nick, unfortunately we do not have any updates but are still shooting for the end of the year to add Multi-instrument Mode to our APIs.

We do have a slew of new features coming to Moku:Go at the end of this month, please be sure to check those out while we continue to make improvements!