Multi-Instrument Mode (MIM) improvements


I used Moku:Pro (MP) to create slot 1 and slot 2 with Lock-In-Amplifiers (LIA) and execute it.

The confusion I get is that sometimes I forget which LIA I am looking at when I switch around the LIAs.

I think improvement can be make to allow the user to label the slots to reference to their DUT and display it prominently. Similarly to the inputs and outputs can be label so the user straight away can identified it instead of tracing the connections. This idea is same as we can label multiple Moku connected in the network which we already has.

I think this improvement can be applied across the board for the MIM application for whatever type of instruments and inputs/outputs connected.

Another MIM improvement is to make the measurement display of all 4 instruments in one single screen and operate them freely. The rationale is that I can make an adjustment in one part of my DUT and I can simultaneously see the effect of all the different parts of the circuit where connections is make to each of the independent instrument. This will speed up my analysis rather than switching around one instrument screen one at a time.

David - Spring Technologies, Singapore

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Hey David, thank you so much for your feedback on Multi-Instrument Mode! I have passed this information along to our dev team, I think the labels is a great idea and we have had many requests for putting all of the instrument interfaces on one screen as well.

I hope you have been enjoying your Moku:Pro and please feel free to post any other feature requests you can think of on here, we are always looking to improve our software experience!