Moku:Pro LIA "self check"

A customer asks me a very interesting question about using the Multi-Instrument mode to test the LIA whether is working correctly. So basically we use the waveform generator to generate two signals and feed it as the input to the LIA and then check the signal on the LIA at various points and also vary the signal generator signal. Has anyone tried this before and can share with me how to set this up and what to look out for to confirm that our LIA in the Moku:Pro is working correctly?

Hi David,

yes, you can certainly use the Multi-Instrument Mode (MiM) on Moku:Pro to deploy a waveform generator to then test and examine the Lock-In Amplifier (LIA) functionality.

I am attaching some screen captures from Moku:Pro

1 : setup of a Waveform Generator in slot 1, LIA in slot 2
2 : WG setup, 10.00 MHz and 10.01 MHz
3 : LIA showing the two input signals at 10.00 MHz and 10.01 MHz
4 : LIA output showing the demodulated result of 10 kHz.

You can readily expand this experiment by adding phase or frequency modulation to one of the WG outputs and observed the effects.




thanks very much Paul. I will make it a default song and dance track to showcase Multi Instrument feature for all future MP demo :slight_smile: Best, David

did my first demo earlier with MP using the Multi-Instrument setup with LIA/SG. The customer is very impressed. Thanks Paul. Best, David

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