Upload bitstreams.tar while connected via USB

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Windows 10
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I did your first Moku Cloud compile example but data from the oscilloscope as seen at the end the video (Moku Cloud Compile - Liquid Instruments) stops streaming after a few seconds. When I connect via USB this doesn’t happen so perhaps it is due to network latency. However, when I am connected via USB I cannot upload a new bitstreams.tar file to the Moku:Go. So my question is how do I connect to the Go to upload a bitstreams file while on USB?

The bitstream must be uploaded using IPv4 (WiFi / Ethernet) address as of 3.0.0. This will be changing in our next update which will allow IPv6 uploads for bitstreams.

For right now, you can still upload the bitstream via IPv4 and can then switch the USB for communicating to the Moku:Go software. Once the bitstream is uploaded to the device then it will remain there until a new bitstream is uploaded or the device is powered off.

Thanks. That is what I have been doing. I’ll keep an eye open for the next update