Connection loses when uploading the bitstream file

Moku model:Moku:pro
Operating system: iPadOS 16.3.1
Software version:v2.6.1b806

Bug or support request description: I am trying to upload the bitstream I have downloaded from the Moku Cloud Compile, but in the Moku app in the iPad when I want to start using it, I get the connection lost error and the Moku never connects to the app again, and it seems it freezes. How can I address this issue?

Thank you for posting your issue Erfan, would you mind providing the steps that you take to upload the bitstream and when exactly you get the “connection lost” error? Any screenshots you can provide that show the error code or the bitstream upload would be helpful!

Thank you for your response. I upload the bitstream in the following steps. First, in the Moku App, I deploy the Multi-instrument mode and configure it, as shown in the picture below.

Second, I connect to the Moku in the web browser using its IP address and upload my bitstream file.
I choose slot 2 for the configuration then I select Deploy. Next, I come back to the app and press Go. After a while, I get the error mentioning the connection is lost.
(Since I cannot upload more than one photo, I upload the rest of the screenshots in the following posts)

Second step:


Could you please try reversing steps one and two? Upload the bitstream first in the browser (there is no need to deploy it to a specific slot) then connect to your Moku and deploy the MCC bitstream in an instrument slot after.

Many thanks for your response. I did all the possible combinations of the steps, and it did not work. However, I could solve the problem by changing the version of the firmware of the Moku Cloud Compiler. The file worked without any problem.