Identifying cloud compile instruments in MIM

Hi all!
I saw a couple of similar posts about cloud compile and multi-instrument mode in Moku:Pro, but I want to add another comment: It would be very useful to know which version of the bitstream I’m currently running. During testing I can recompile a new version and re-upload it, but sometimes I suspect I’m still running the old one. So I’m never sure if it was updated or not. Is it always the case I need to restart the device?
It would be great if we could label the uploaded instruments, or even just see the name of the bitstream file that was uploaded.

Thank you!

You’re right, it would be a good feature to know which bitstream the Moku is currently running, I’ve passed this along to our dev team!

When you are uploading a new bitstream, make sure you hit the “Deploy” button at the top for whichever slot you have the MCC bitstream on.


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