Cloud Compile / Instrument gone after device restart

Hi All,

I am playing a bit with the cloud compile option, I made a simple wire and followed the Schmitt trigger example so far. This works quite well.
However, I noticed that when I turn off the Moku:Pro and turn it back on again, I have to reupload the bitstream.
Is it also possible to save a custom instrument more “permanently” to the Moku?
So it stays in memory until you upload a new device for instance?

With kind regards,

Hey Ruben, unfortunately it is not possible to save a custom instrument permanently to a Moku device like how you are describing. The bitstream is first downloaded from our MCC server to your local computer, then from the local computer to the Moku:Pro’s volatile memory.

This does sound like a great feature though! Being able to save multiple custom MCC blocks or “instruments” to your own Moku:Pro would be very helpful indeed. I will pass this along to our dev team and see if this kind of functionality is even possible on Moku devices and get back to you.

Hi Sam,
Thank you for your answer!
I think indeed this would be a really great feature to have.
Another nice feature in this regard would be to be able to upload the bitstream directly via the Moku app.
I’m curious to hear whether these things are technically possible.

Have a nice day!

Just wanted to follow up with you Ruben and let you know that this feature is technically possible and we are actively working on it! I do not have a timeline for when this feature will be released, but I will be sure to come back and update this post as I get more information, thank you!