CloudCompile using Python API problems

Moku model: Moku:Go
Operating system: MacOs
Software version: Python 3.9.1

I have been trying to use the Cloud compile instrument on the moku:go platform. I am attempting to set up the instrument in Python using the API, however whenever I try to set up cloud compile it throws this error.

“filename ‘mokugo/02-255-01’ not found”

I have tried to use the cloud compile API on both Mac and windows using both matlab and python and all platforms have the same error where I cant deploy the cloud compile instrument. Due to this error we cannot use cloud compile with the API, which is a significant feature we were hoping to use as a part of a project that we are working on. Is there any fix that I could try to resolve this issue? Has anyone else experienced this error and found a resolution?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ryan_Finley,

thanks for your message, it is great to see you working to use Moku Cloud Compile (MCC) with Python via the API. This is potentially a very powerful feature. Currently our documentation on this is somewhat lacking and we are working to improve it.

In the meantime, the issue you are facing is that the MCC slot does not have a bitstream.
To solve this, download the MCC bitstream (a ‘tar.gz’ file) from your build, then refer to it like this -

> mim = MultiInstrument(‘[MOKU_IPv6_ADDRESS]’, force_connect=True, platform_id=2)
> cc = mim.set_instrument(1, CloudCompile, bitstream=‘path/my_custom_bitstream.tar.gz’)

Let us all know if this works for you. Can you share what custom function you have coded in MCC ?



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Hi, I am having the same issue. I did try your code but got the error :

TypeError: MultiInstrument.set_instrument() got an unexpected keyword argument 'bitstream'