Evaluation Unit Feedback

A collection of impressions to provide feedback on hardware/software design and user experience. This will be pretty random, but maybe it’s helpful. I will keep individual thoughts in separate messages.

Power button: the magnetic power connector is really cool and useful, but I would not want to turn the Moku:Go on/off by disconnecting the cable from the unit and having a powered connector hanging in the laboratory. The only way to do this right now is by crawling behind the desk and hopefully unplugging the correct 110 V cable from the 20 outlet power strip. The Moku:Go does need a power switch - which could easily be added by an in-line switch in the power supply cable.

WiFi setup experience: flawless at first, then random disconnect.
From a Windows PC I was able to manually connect to the Moku:Go access point, The Moku software did find it automatically. I entered the WiFi network configuration so join my local WLAN. Disconnected from the Moku access point. The software refreshed automatically and found the new connection. Very impressive. This was extremely easy and seamless.
However, when I launched the Oscilloscope, the app returned to the start screen with an “network connection error” and I was unable to get back into the Moku:Go. This is although the Moku shows the correct network IP address and is active in the DHCP server. The issue was fixed by a Moku power cycle. After that I was able to connect again and the Oscilloscope did open.

Another issue: the Moku does identify as “Texas Instruments” in the router, which made it hard to find.

@barke Simon, thank you for all the feedback - thats an interesting comment regarding the power cable switch. Please keep the feedback coming !