Can communication analysis inquiry about Mokugo.

Moku model:

  • moku go
    Operating system:
  • win 11
    Software version:
  • 3.20(Build 27582), fimware 591
    Bug or support request description:
    I would like to analyze the communication data for the CAN module with MOKU-GO.

The MOKU is set as follows,
CAN HIGH / CAN LOW was connected to each of the two probes (input terminals).
However, data is generated by ERROR.
I wonder if I made a bad connection and setup.

Thank you.

Hi @jongsikna,

The first thing to check would be the baud rate of the decoder. It’s important for the CAN protocol and the decoder to have the same baud rate. One way to find this manually is to measure the period of a single tick using the cursors in the Moku app and use the equation 1 / tick period = Baud rate
For example;
tick period = 4 us
1 / 4 us = 250,000
Then enter this Baud rate into the CAN protocol decoder settings.

If this doesn’t help, would you be able to show me how the decoder is set up? Select the decoder and send a screenshot that includes the Acquisition panel details, like this:

If you could also include the full protocol in the screenshot that would be super helpful!