Moku list- gives blank Serial HW FW IP . not showing the numbers

Moku model:
Started moku miltimode operation. the commands
pip install moku
python -c “import moku”
moku download
moku list
here the Serial HW FW IP are all empty. no numbers are appearing.

Hi Mahadesh,

If your Moku is not showing up with moku list command, you can download and install “mokucli” from our website, which should help with the discovery.

Kind regards,

Thank you for previous suggestions. I went through moku API page. Was able to run the codes given by you there for oscilloscope, power supply.

Wish to share with you.
I am using Moku Go to

  1. plot Diode VI characteristics. The graph is very non linear at every point.

  2. Checking the bonding from pin-ESD protection- path of IC & measuring Leakage current in IC pins using Moku is not at all possible.

No uA scale resolution.

Any ideas to improve that?

Depending on how you are measuring the uA signal, Moku:Go is not designed to make such measurements. It has a 12 bit ADC with a 10 Vpp range, so its minimum voltage step is 2.44 mV. Moku:Go also is not set up to measure current directly, only voltage inputs like a traditional oscilloscope.

If you are trying to measure uA by reading back the current from the Moku:Go power supply, this might also be an issue since the minimum steps in current are 1 mA. Could you describe your set up to me in more detail and I can help see where things could possible be improved?

Thank you very much for your reply Sam. My intention is to

  1. Show students with VI characteristics of Diode Transistor MOSFET (with real circuit than in Simulation)
  2. Verify things given in data sheet of IC like input off set current,Voltage,Zin Zout of Opamp.
  3. Verify VI Vo Ii Io of nand and or gates corresponding to 0 & 1 at input/output transition

From the pattern generator code given under the heading LogicAnalyzer. I was able to set the patterns 0,1 and view the waveform on the window.

But how to check the output of And/band gate?

How to change the pin 3 or 4’s direction so that it goes into Logic analyzer