Using Moku:Go as a multimeter

is there a way I can use Moku:Go to measure a DC Voltage? One of the lab sheets I am working on requires measuring the input and output voltage after the power supply is turned on in a rectifier circuitry.

Hey David, thanks for bringing this question to the forum!

The Moku:Go does have a built-in Voltmeter that is part of the Oscilloscope instrument. It is accessible in the settings drawer on the right side of the screen in last tab. See screenshot below.

In terms of using it as a full multimeter with measurements like resistance, capacitance, and current, this is not directly possible with the Moku:Go. You can still make this measurements using shunt resistors or other common methods. See the below linked application note on measuring impedance with the Moku:Go’s Frequency Response Analyzer.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the pointer. Yes, I manage to measure some decent DC voltages. Guess, I was confused with the voltmeter residing in an oscilloscope and thought it was for something else. with that, now with one oscilloscope function, I have 3 instruments within it to completer a lab sheet. no more switching meddling with the different benchtop instrument
. Will read more on the attached article. best, David

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