Slow rates as a datalogger

I am using a Moku:Lab now and I am really happy with it.

Recently I tried to use it as a data-logger and found the slowest rate is 10 Samples/s
Actually I want to take 1 Sample/min. I think it is not hard to make the rate lower
I hope I can do these kinds of job with this nice tool.
Or is there any way to slow down the sampling rate? Then let me know, please

I am Woody Ahn in Wavenix Co., Ltd (Distributor of Liquid Instruments) in Korea. I’d like to know how long you want to record the samples. If you want to record the samples by 1 sample/minute, I think MokuLab is not a proper tool to solve your needs. There are many tools for solving your needs in the market. MokuLab datalogger can record the samples more speedy than normal dataloggers. This feature is a so good advantage for the users.

Yes your product can be a speedy datalogger but I want to record at a slow rate for a long time. And it cannot be difficult. So I want you to add such features in the software.
Your product is really nice but your company looks like not so nice to the customers.