Noninteger seconds in Datalogger.start_logging?

I was wondering if it would be possible to have the Datalogger save data that is not an integer number of seconds in duration. For example, we are interested in saving datasets that are less than 1 second, which gives an invalid request error. Is there a fundamental reason to force this to an integer number of seconds? I know that the GUI would need to be updated, but it’s not clear to me why this wouldn’t be possible through the Python API.

Link to Datalogger.start_logging documentation:


The reason for this is because if you are looking to log data in a less than 1 second time interval, then it would be easier to use the Oscilloscope to capture the data. Generally, the Data Logger is best for recording over long periods of time and the Oscilloscope for anything less than a second.

The Oscilloscope sampling rate at a 1s time span is 16.3 kSa/s, so if you are trying to use the Data Logger as a way to increase the sampling rate over that time span then you will likely need to just crop the data first after exporting since there is no way to reduce the logging duration below 1s because of the reason stated above. I hope this helps!

Thanks @Sam.Speece - yeah having high sample rate for sub-second time spans is something that we’re interested in, so the Oscilloscope doesn’t fully solve the problem.

Our use case is that we’re doing IV curves, and want to be able to take data at less than a second to be fast but still have good high frequency noise resolution when calculating the power spectral density (i.e. requiring the higher sampling rate). One thing that we could do is save the high res buffer, but I believe we are still having the issue in Issue saving high res buffer with Oscilloscope for our Moku:Pro that we’re using.

I believe your application may benefit from our API streaming update coming out at the end of this week. This will allow you to stream and/or log data using the APIs directly to your computer. I have confirmed with our API developer that it is possible to allow non-integer values for the logging duration, it just isn’t enabled right now so as to match the client. I’ve submitted a ticket for him to enable this functionality and will let you know when it is implemented. It is unlikely this will be added to the client however.

Thanks! The API streaming update sounds awesome, definitely something our group would be interested in using, looking forward to the update!