Did you know you can export data as a MATLAB data object?

The Moku:Go Data Logger instrument is great at capturing high fidelity signals and exporting that data for post-processing in your favorite programs.

Here is a short video of Moku:Go’s Data Logger capturing the output of an IR sensor that is reading a ball’s height. We can export this data as a MATLAB data object to then characterize the open loop step input of this system using the stepinfo() command.

The Data Logger instrument can also export data as a .csv file or as a .npy file type.

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Hi Sam, how can I set the rate to rate < 10 S/s? or is there such a function ?

Hello Guannan, thank you for using the Liquid Instruments Forum!

In the Data Logger instrument, you can set the Sampling Rate in the control panel on the right-side of the screen under “Acquisition”. I have highlighted this in the screenshot below. The minimum sampling rate is 10 Sa/s and the maximum is 1 MSa/s (single-channel).

Hi @Guannan! Just to add to Sam’s response: The minimum sample rate is currently 10Sa/s. At 10Sa/s, the graph still updated nicely and gives the user a clear preview of the signal they will capture, and in the past we had some feedback that people would get confused as to why the graph “stopped updating” or “became jerky” when they selected lower rates. With as much memory onboard as we have, we didn’t think there was much harm in oversampling for now.

It is, though, on the roadmap to decouple these two, so you can get a beautiful and responsive preview and also record at a nice relaxed rate to limit the amount of data you need to process. For my information when spec’ing that feature: What rate would you like to record at, and what’s the application?


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