Output Port Register

Is there a way to write to the register in MCC so I can access it through Python API? Tx.

Hi Steven,

currently the MCC registers are only readable in the MCC VHDL code.

So you can set the registers in an API or Moku app; then read them in the MCC code; but you cannot set them in the MCC code and read them in the VHDL,

We will be growing the feature set of MCC this year so please look out for improvements,



Hi Steven,

I think Paul’s comments are more about how to configure and use the control registers.

If you have configured the control registers and just want to be able to change their values through the Python API, i.e. no re-routing, you can access it through the set_controls() function. Here’s the link to the documentation page.

Just note that you will need to first upload the custom bitstream to your Moku with the following command:
cc=m.set_instrument(1, CloudCompile, bitstream='path/bitstream.tar.gz')