Mokucli 2.2.2 does not exist for Linux

**Moku model: Moku Lab **
Operating system: Linux
Software version: 3.2.0 Firmware 591

Mokucli 2.2.2 does not appear to exist for linux, only 2.2.1 can be downloaded from the utilities website. When I try to run any script using the streaming functionality I get this error, my MOKU_CLI_PATH is correctly set

Warning: Deprecated: disable_channel is deprecated and will be removed soon. Please use enable_input.
Cannot find mokucli 2.2.2.
Please download latest version of the CLI from Utilities - Liquid Instruments.
If you have already installed, please set the MOKU_CLI_PATH environment variable to absolute path of mokucli.

Can this please be amended asap


Hi P-wilt,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We’ve updated the Utilities page now, and mokucli-2.2.2 for linux can now be downloaded.