Moku:Go MATLAB API issue - "Error using Hash>Error_L"

The full error code is shown below and is independent of the MATLAB version being run. This issue is caused by the Moku:Go toolbox path not being set correctly during install and only occurs the first time the toolbox is installed so the pathway will persist through MATLAB sessions. Please see instructions below on how to add the correct path to MATLAB.


  1. Click the ‘Set Path’ button in the ‘Environment’ section of the Home tab.
  2. Click ‘Add Folder’ in the pop-up window
  3. Navigate to the Moku:Go toolbox and add the folder ‘mokugo’. The pathway for Windows looks like this…

C:\Users\ (your user) \AppData\Roaming\MathWorks\MATLAB Add-Ons\Toolboxes\Moku MATLAB\data\mokugo

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