Matlab access without internet access

Dear all

My Moku:Pro is on a closed laboratory net, without access to the general internet.
When I try to use the Matlab interface (from a PC on the same closed new), this is not possible as the toolbox starts by downloading files from the internet.

Can I access a already running instance of an instrument (as I can see this from the web interface of the Moku, it should be possible).

Alternatively, is there an easy way to avoid the download?


Hi Bo,

in order to use the MATLAB API with Moku you will need to download the MATLAB toolbox; either from our website or from within MATLAB itself.

Our website instructions are here : MATLAB API - Liquid Instruments
Please take note to download the correct version for Moku:Pro.

You could download the .tblx file on a PC with access to the general internet and then transfer that to the closed lab.



Hi Paul

I think my question was not very clear.
I have the toolbox installed no problem there.

However, when a instrument is initialized, the toolbox tries to download files from your repository
(firstly a md5, and then a tar.gz file), which is not possible from a closed laboratory net.

I tried to investigate the Matlab code, but it is not entirely clear, if I can download the files manually and feed them to the toolbox.

If this is only a matter of initialization, I can get temporary internet access for the equipment, but his is not possible in our production environment.


Hi Bo,

The tar.gz file contains the instrument bitstream. This is crucial for establishing a connection with the Moku and running the instruments.

This is a one-off download, so once it’s downloaded you will not need to wait for it again.

Kind regards,