Issue accessing Xilinx license while building on cloud compile

Running into an issue where cloud compile isn’t able to access Vivado License Manager. This is happening on code that previously compiled with no issues and no changes were made.

vivado -mode batch -notrace -source /buildbot/checkpoints/scripts/custom_instr.tcl -tclargs xczu9eg-ffvc900-2-e zynqmp 4 4 6 4 0 30 synth
h in dir /buildbot/cloudcompile/6832/output (timeout 1200 secs)
h watching logfiles {}
h argv: [b'vivado', b'-mode', b'batch', b'-notrace', b'-source', b'/buildbot/checkpoints/scripts/custom_instr.tcl', b'-tclargs', b'xczu9eg-ffvc900-2-e', b'zynqmp', b'4', b'4', b'6', b'4', b'0', b'30', b'synth']
h using PTY: False
o****** Vivado v2020.2 (64-bit)
o  **** SW Build 3064766 on Wed Nov 18 09:12:47 MST 2020
o  **** IP Build 3064653 on Wed Nov 18 14:17:31 MST 2020
o    ** Copyright 1986-2020 Xilinx, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
osource /buildbot/checkpoints/scripts/custom_instr.tcl -notrace
oCommand: synth_design -mode out_of_context -flatten_hierarchy rebuilt
oStarting synth_design
oUsing part: xczu9eg-ffvc900-2-e
oTop: Instrument
oAttempting to get a license for feature 'Synthesis' and/or device 'xczu9eg'
oWARNING: [Common 17-348] Failed to get the license for feature 'Synthesis' and/or device 'xczu9eg'. Explanation: Cannot connect to a license server running the xilinxd licensing daemon at the specified port.
oResolution: Check the status of your licenses in the Vivado License Manager. For debug help search Xilinx Support for "Licensing FAQ". 
o0 Infos, 1 Warnings, 0 Critical Warnings and 1 Errors encountered.
osynth_design failed
eERROR: [Common 17-345] A valid license was not found for feature 'Synthesis' and/or device 'xczu9eg'. Please run the Vivado License Manager for assistance in determining
ewhich features and devices are licensed for your system.
eResolution: Check the status of your licenses in the Vivado License Manager. For debug help search Xilinx Support for "Licensing FAQ". If you are using a license server, verify that the license server is up and running a version of the xilinx daemon that is compatible with the version of Xilinx software that you are using. Please note that Vivado 2017.3 and later requires upgrading your license server tools to the Flex 11.14.1 tools. Please confirm with your license admin that the correct version of the license server tools are installed.
oINFO: [Common 17-206] Exiting Vivado at Wed May 31 19:07:14 2023...
hprogram finished with exit code 1

Hi Miguel, thanks for your message. We are looking into the compile server issue right away,

Hi Miguel, thanks for reporting this license issue, it is now resolved and Moku Cloud Compile is operating normally,