Customizable FPGA capability for Moku:Go

Hello out there!
Our Moku:Go utilizes a powerful FPGA, making our instruments software-defined. We are considering opening up the FPGA for you to customize and develop your own code and applications. A few questions to you all out there:

  1. How would you use the FPGA if it were opened up and customizable?
  2. Is this a capability that would be frequently used in your studies or research?

Thanks for your time and we look forward to your feedback!

I think, out of principle, you should open up access to the FPGA to the users. However, having hurt my head dealing with FPGAs in the past, and since the :Go is really intended for teaching, I doubt this feature access will be used much or by many. For your higher end products, however, definitely. /pjb


Depending in how it’s implemented I can say this would be a very desirable feature. I’m speaking from the academic environment. We have a number of courses where students write VHDL code to program an Altera or Xilinx FPGA.

The only real concern would be how you would protect the Moku:GO device from students accidentally programming the FPGA such that the power is tied to ground and damaging the FPGA. Mistakes happen but we need to be able to address those mistakes without bricking the product.


I know this post is a little old - are there any updates on opening up the FPGA? I have a Moku:Pro in our lab, and we would definitely be interested in this feature for writing up a custom algorithm for triggering on pulses on single or multiple channels.

Yes, this feature is Moku Cloud Compile and is available on Moku:Pro and Moku:Go. You can sign up for free here.