Python : Lock in amplifier : how to set local oscillator's amplifier?

hello. I am a user of Moku:Go (with Lock in amplifer).

I have some questions about running LIA in python using the code in the link above.

First: i.set_filter error occurs.

Exception occurred: [‘Unable to set corner_frequency to desired value. Coerced value: 999.997206’]

Second: I configured it as Internal and Demodulation as shown in the image, but I don’t know how to control the local oscillator’s amplifer in python.

Please reply.

Thank you.

I have solved the problem. Like this .!!

1st. problem :
i.set_filter(100, slope=‘Slope18dB’, strict=False)

2nd problem:
i.set_aux_output(500, 0.2) <— Even if the output mode is demod, the amplitude value is controlled with set_aux_ouput.