Moku:Lab claiming Instrument files not avaliable when they are avaliable

For context, this moku:lab is new (I recieved it yesterday) but it worked fine all day yesterday. This morning it now does not connect in python (where I need it to run) and simply gives the error:

Instrument files not available, please run `moku download --fw_ver=580` to download latest instrument data

Which is odd since I already ran the command in my python console yesterday when setting up the moku:lab for the first time, and when running the command again as the error requests, the console replies that the firmware on the moku:lab is already version 580 and no update is needed.

Any attempt to connect to the moku via python for any instrument results in this error, however I can connect to the moku via the moku app.

What am I doing incorrectly?

If the app is fine, sounds like Python.

You might check paths and that your pip, moku, and python executables agree for the Python version that you are using, especially if you’ve switched machines, IDEs or environments, etc. Else, you are essentially “successfully” running the moku download... to the wrong place and wouldn’t know it.