Moku:Go data logging with trigger signals

Is it possible to start and end data collection in the Data Logger using trigger signals?

At this time it is not possible to start or stop the Data Logger with an internal/external trigger. This is by far our most requested feature and we are working hard on implementing this in a future update!

It is unlikely that a trigger will be able to end the stream, but as of right now you can set a specific time you want the logging session to last. What kind of application are you looking to use Moku in that would require a triggered turn off?

I need to start data logging process as soon as a rotation stage starts moving and stop logging once the movement is finished. The stage controller will send the trigger signals. In general, setting logging time should be as good as ending data logging with a trigger signal, as the duration of the scan will be known from the stage velocity. But starting the log with a trigger signal would be really useful. By the way, once the software allows to do that, the 16 channel digital I/O port will be used for triggering, right?

I switched my efforts from the Moku software to Matlab API. I am able to start the stage rotation and start data logging/data streaming right after the stage starts moving.

However, when using data logging:

logging_request = i.start_logging(‘duration’,9);

I cannot access the logged data. Would you recommend a way of how to access the logged data and plot it?

Data streaming allows to have access to “some” data using

data = i.get_stream_data();

but looks like this is only for a 0.15 seconds range or so…