Triggered data logger problem: Not finding trigger

Moku model: Moku Pro
Operating system Windows:
Software version: 3.2.1

Bug or support request description:
Hello, I am trying to set up an experiment for which I need a PID controller, a waveform generator and log 4 inputs. I use multi-instrument mode with 2 2-channel dataloggers for this.
I want all channels to be synchronised, so I use an external trigger to both generate the excitation waveforms and start the two dataloggers. However, I seem to have trouble with the triggered data logging recently.

The waveform generator always gets triggered, but for the dataloggers, sometimes one starts logging, and sometimes both keep waiting for a trigger indefinetely. The weird thing is that they all should use the same (external) trigger, so I would expect all to start logging and my waves to be generated, or nothing to happen at all.
To make things a bit simpler, I went out of Multi Instrument Mode and just used the datalogger instrument, and there I had the same problem. It would not trigger to start the recording and keeps saying that it is waiting for the trigger to start.
I have verified that my trigger signal goes above 700mV (I used 1V).
Is this a known issue, or something weird on my end?
I think it used to work, so if this is due to a firmware update I recently did, would there be a way to go back to a previous version for now?

Another question, on the waveform generator I generate a burst of ramp waves when triggered. This works perfectly, but if the logging does not work I don’t want to wait for the sequence to finish, but stop the waveform generation and try to launch the experiment again.
What would be the best way to do this? If I turn off the output and turn it back on, the signal just continues, but starting a different instrument and then coming back seems to work. However, I am guessing there would be a better solution for this.

With kind regards,