Is it possible to "force trigger" the AWG in Burst Mode?

I’d like to generate synchronised pulses on the two channels of the AWG every time a button is clicked in a custom GUI. Is it possible to “force trigger” the AWG by software command, without having to involve an external trigger from another piece of equipment? Turning the outputs on and off isn’t an option because the equipment connected to one of the outputs needs a logic high voltage at all times (except during the actual sequence).

Hi @coolehs ,

I am sorry that the Burst modulation couldn’t be force triggered by a command. The key of the Burst modulation is that the FPGA hardware waits for a trigger signal in real time. Any API/software interactions could introduce extra delays.

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I’m doing something similar using the Moku Cloud Compile component, in multi-instrument mode. Not sure if it’s helpful to you, but I thought I’d reply just in case its of interest.

I connected both channels of the AWG to the output of the MCC, and then write to the control register through the API. It seems to work reliably.

Here is the VDHL code for it.

library IEEE;
use IEEE.Std_Logic_1164.All;
use IEEE.Numeric_Std.all;
library Moku;
use Moku.Support.clip;

architecture Behavioural of CustomWrapper is
    OutputA <= signed(Control0(15 downto 0));
end Behavioural;
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Hi Claude @nnosk55 ,

Yes, this is a very clever way to force trigger an AWG! Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts!

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