Line Triggering Output from Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Moku:Go M2
Mac OS 13.3.1
Moku Client Version 3.0.0

For the Arbitrary Waveform Generator I was wondering if it would be possible to line trigger the output so that the custom wave form is generated whenever 60Hz (and harmonics) are detected on a rising edge from an input signal for example. I didn’t see this capability in the Arbitrary Waveform Generator or Oscilloscope user manuals for the Moku:Go M2 but I was wondering if there is some way to implement this functionality on the Moku App or Moku Python API?

Hello Luka, just to clarify, you want to generate a custom waveform where the trigger condition is when a certain magnitude of harmonics in a 60 Hz signal are detected?

As of right now, you can trigger a signal to start being generated by setting a trigger threshold for the rising edge of the input signal, however that is as far as the waveform triggering functionality goes.

The trigger condition should be detection of the 60Hz harmonic noise from the Moku:Go power supply which is a standard feature of all oscilloscopes. The problem with trying to trigger on the rising edge of the 60Hz harmonic noise is that the input needs to be filtered first otherwise the noise superimposed on the 60Hz sin wave will cause the Moku Go to trigger several times for each wave crest. Filtering means that one of the multi-instrument slots is taken up by the Filter Box which is not ideal when you only have two available instrument spots because it restricts your capabilities if you want to run a PID feedback loop with feedforward Arbitrary Waveform Generated output triggered by 60Hz harmonics for example. Therefore, implementing line triggering (triggering from the AC power line) for the oscilloscope and wave form generators would simply Moku Go user experience immensly.