Issue with burst mode of Moku:Go waveform generator

Hi All,

I am trying to generate a waveform in pulse mode (program taken from the link Examples for Python | Moku API). I am using the following command:
" i.burst_modulate(channel=2, trigger_source=‘Input1’,trigger_mode=‘NCycle’,burst_cycles=3,trigger_level=0.1)"

After executing this command, I get an error stating that “Exception occurred: [‘4Vpp is not a valid value for Input range’]”. I am confused as to why I am exceeding 4Vpp. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Avinash Kumar

Hi Avinash,

burst_modulate() function is only available in Arbitrary Waveform Generator, can you please confirm that you are using this instrument instead of the Waveform Generator?

If this is the case, the error is generated because 4Vpp input range is not available for Moku:Go. You can configure the input range by adding an input_range parameter to the burst_modulate() function to fix this issue.

Kind regards,